Brand identity, logo design
Citinerary was in need of a rebrand. As the initiative grew, they needed an identity that could grow with them.

Citinerary reports on everyday city life. Every city is represented by a team of correspondents who write about their city. I came up with an identity that reflects the community and also gives the city correspondents a part of the Citinerary identity to claim for themselves that they can be proud of.

For this project I worked closely together with Daniël van der Winden and Rens Verschuren who designed and developed the website.

︎ logo’s applied to black & white backgrounds
The logo is the foundation of the Citinerary identity.
We made a contious desicion to focus more on “a city made by people” than Citinerary, as this was the fist step of abandoning that name.

On top of the logo the more individual city branding is build.

Using the base colors, red, green, blue and yellow, in combination of a unique pattern, that is loosely based off the city. 

The three parts make that the individual cities are able to distinguish themselves while remaining part of the main Citinerary brand.